Carrie Messinger
Experienced Omnichannel Marketing Executive
Accredited Scrum Master
Certified Agile Marketer

Carrie has been a marketer since the early 90’s and has managed multimillion dollar campaigns for some of the nation’s largest brands. She found her passion for technology when managing the Gateway business at an ad firm in early 2000. In 2013, she became the head of marketing for Benaissance, a SaaS enterprise software company in the healthcare payments industry. She worked closely beside sales, software development, documentation, product owners, subject matter experts, and client services teams. She was part of the company’s senior leadership team that helped build the brand (with two software product lines) from a small startup to a mature business–that later sold as part of an $80M acquisition.

Carrie is an accredited scrum master (SMAC) and has certification as an agile marketing specialist (CAMS). She is an experienced business and marketing strategist and utilizes Blue Ocean Strategy and Osterwalder & Pigneur Business Model Generation concepts. She believes passionately in the agile framework for software development and marketing. She built True Agile Marketing, because she witnessed the challenges marketing managers are facing overseeing complex campaigns, data and analytics platforms. She also plans to develop SaaS solutions to streamline the data and analytics process for marketing managers.

Carrie is training a new generation of marketing talent to deliver omnichannel marketing with the pace of technology, because she believes digital disruption is just the beginning. Artificial intelligence will soon shift digital to predictive modeling and analytics on a global scale. [When this shift occurs, Carrie wants to be at the forefront of agile marketing to meet the demand and help business owners take their marketing programs to the next level.]

When Carrie is not thinking about agile marketing opportunities: she’s mom to Grace (10) and Jack (12), loves cuddling her dog, visiting family on the farm, cooking, and is never seen without a coffee cup in hand.