Agile isn’t just for software.
It’s the latest trend in productivity. 

The agile framework is a natural for today’s marketing teams and programs because it enhances productivity, aligns teams to succeed, and removes obstacles for continued growth. If you’re organization is looking to change your marketing program or is exploring new approaches–agile may be exactly what you are looking for.

Implementing agile principles within your marketing operations doesn’t have to be painful. Our team can help you launch agile methodologies without the techie-speak, so everyone can adopt and embrace this new approach.

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Complete services.

We provide a complete suite of services to help organizations build their own agile marketing teams. The transformation begins with a consultation and generally is followed by an on-site visit with key company stakeholders. Together, we will create a plan to suit your needs.

Step 1: Consultation/On-Site Visit

We get to know more about your business, your team and what you expect to accomplish through agile marketing. We will start with a short phone interview, then an on-site visit will be scheduled to meet your internal stakeholders.

Step 2: Goals

A discussion around your marketing goals, budget and vision for the department is an essential part of planning and training your team to adopt agile marketing principles.

What do you need to accomplish?
What is your vision for the department?
How large of a marketing team do you need to be successful?
How do you align them with your product development team?
What immediate goals do they need to meet for the business?
What long-term goals do they need to meet?

Step 3: Budget/Review Resources

We will explore your budget and current in-house resources and will make recommendations to help you implement and build an effective agile marketing team.

We will review:
Technology Resources
Application Adoption
Program/Project Management
Marketing Stack Needs
Support Needs

Step 4: Team/Training

We will work with your existing team (or help you build a new agile marketing team) through team training, education and on-site how-to’s.

Step 5: Execute/Ongoing Support

Your new agile marketing team will be off the races in no time. It’s important for your team to be given adequate time to learn and work through the agile framework. The team has to learn how to master time boxing, user stories, and traditional scrum principles before we can help you effectively measure their velocity and capacity for ongoing work.