How We Work

We love agile (and you will too).
It’s also a better experience.

Get the focus and attention you deserve.
We work with a small client roster of select clients. We’re not a volume-based firm, but a quality-based firm. Working with a limited number of clients allows us to really integrate ourselves into your core business-so we can get closer and connect. 

We aim to build trust. No silos between us, you, and your departments opens all of of us up to conversations that may have not been possible in your organization before. We need sales, operations, and project development teams to work together. We also provide cloud-based communications tools to connect us together, so we can chat, message and even video about your current workload. Why? We feel passionately about real-time initiatives at True Agile Marketing. The technology exists to openly collaborate through our devices and computers, so we make it part of our process with you.

We utilize best-in-class technology.
That’s a fancy way of saying we just “get” the current mar-tech solutions on the market today. We use the ones we love and can work with the ones we don’t have in our Marketing Stack. If you need help getting your own off the ground to complement the work we are doing on your end, all you need to do is ask.

We understand your vision.
Everything about agile is about expediency to market. When teams are communicating and collaborating, it’s easy to connect the dots and develop a plan for your needs.

We are more responsive.
We build marketing products in time boxed windows called sprints. Each sprint establishes as set amount of work we need to deliver for you. Instead of our entire team working on an assignment, we assign the best person for the job. This eliminates waste, keeps our fees approachable, and helps us work more streamlined.

We build “user stories” to market.
It’s another agile thing. It essentially means we don’t create to build fancy art. We create with key people in mind who use your product or who need to be using your product. We don’t work on anything until the user stories are right because they are that essential.

We make informed marketing decisions.
We’re going to ask you a lot of questions and your team for information you probably haven’t been asked to share with a marketing firm before. That’s because we care about the current sales pipeline, where leads are coming from, how leads are captured and what lead conversions look like. We also need to quickly understand what’s working and what needs a serious overhaul. We are also happy to sign an non-disclosure agreement or document you need for security your secrets stay secret with us.

The budget is built around work sprints.
We aren’t going to go off and create something you aren’t aware of. When we work in sprits and you’re constantly connected with us-you know exactly what is going on at all times. We use technology to be more transparent, open up the cupboards and let you see inside our world. After all, we have nothing to hide.

We shift and prioritize.
If you’re not versed in agile, the scrum board is a way projects get prioritized with our teams day-to-day. Once a sprint is set, the projects go into an electronic card or project. That card is tracked, opened, and reviewed with our team as we continue to work on your projects. We can easily shift priorities, move more pressing jobs up and less down, and really maximize our time.

Planning isn’t thru a hefty annual plan.
Agile is about flexibility, not things set in stone. If you’re not used to being flexible, it could take some getting used to. After you’ve seen what the framework is capable of, we believe you will see the value in short-term planning vs. long winded marketing plans nobody reads or abides by.

We’re not 1-off project people. 
We build marketing assets over time. Marketing is a practice that has been focused on the cogs and not the system for a very long time. Our approach isn’t about building project after project without rhyme or reason, instead, we want you to view your marketing as a program. We set out to build foundational assets first and continue to build momentum with new tools and resources over time. Build more as your business and budget grows vs. an all-in approach that is likely to fail.

We make adjustments along the way.
We are firm believers that it’s imperative to have the ability to adjust our sails to catch the best winds. If something isn’t working, we will do our best to adjust, shift direction, or change our approach (when it’s possible, makes sense, and is necessary).

Now let’s clarify what changing something means for you.

We won’t make changes to suit a company leader’s personal agenda. If something is working or getting results and you kill it early, you will get stuck paying fees for a media buy, etc. and we want to spare you that expense. We also won’t pull a campaign from a solution we trust for a vendor you prefer because we can’t substantiate success if we haven’t worked with or vetted out that solution.

Test and test again.
With agile you may grow tired of us talking about testing, but it’s really for your best interest. Without data or knowing the triggers and drivers behind what is working and what isn’t, we’re all just speculating and spinning our wheels. When we have a process in place to capture data on both ends, we are in a much better position to make intelligent and informed decisions for your business strategy.