Business Canvassing


Marketing isn’t about luck.
Canvassing nets better strategy.

So many business owners today have farmed out so many aspects of their marketing, they have too many cooks in the kitchen. When you have marketing assets so spread out, not one team or person is really overseeing their use or effectiveness. This also leads to what we call: “projectitis”. 

[projectitis (adj): a term used to describe vendors solely-focused on individual project generation–without understanding the full scope of your business or leadership goals].

What is Business Canvassing?
Business canvassing is a visual/interactive method for mapping everything that keeps your business running. It was developed by Osterwalder & Pigneur and is widely used in Europe. It explores your customer base, product/services, sales/delivery channels, partner relationships, pricing, and more! It is the secret sauce that has everything we need to create exceptional marketing strategy for you, wrapped up in a box and bow! It is a tool that aligns all company leaders where your business is going and how marketing going to align within your planning process.