Marketing Stack

Marketers need many solutions.
A Marketing Stack is critical.

Ten years ago marketing was much simpler. One message could carry a campaign and it was generally advertised in a newspaper, magazine, television, and radio. Email, web, and mobile marketing were just really getting started. Fast forward to today’s always-on digital environment. Marketers now need to drive unique messages and offers to numerous audiences and individuals across multiple devices and nearly every marketing channel. To assign individuals these tasks was neither cost-effective or timely. The birth of electronic software solutions became a necessity and all marketing departments and firms use a variety of platforms and solutions they like to market and promote products and services.

Marketing today is reliant on many electronic mobile and digital platforms and applications. Each marking technology solution (mar-tech) has it’s own unique set of features and functionality and no two are really exactly alike.

No Marketing Stack? No problem.

We have our own proprietary Marketing Stack at True Agile Marketing. As a client, we simply plug you into ours. We can also help you build the right Stack for your business as a consultant. Contact us at (402) 213-5181 to learn more.

Why Pancakes?

The concept of a Marketing Stack can be confusing if you’re not used to working with mar-tech solutions on a regular basis. We use the comparison to simplify the concept. Why? Pancakes are a delicious part of the American childhood experience. Anybody who hears the word “pancake” is instantly taken back to their home kitchen. The word almost always conjures the image of a stack of delicious pastries-piled high!

We want you to think of the different mar-tech solutions as a combined stack of pancakes. Each solution is an individual cake, or layer, that’s part of a suite of solutions that delivers marketing campaigns today.

What’s in a Marketing Stack?

What goes into a Marketing Stack depends on the business, the size of the company’s market, it’s marketing needs, and even budget and resources. Often, no two stacks are alike. Some may use a few of the same solutions, and have different solutions plugging in to manage and fine tune marketing aspects, like: web analytics, lead scoring, and automation.

Email Automation Platform
Social Media Platform(s)
Social Advertising Platform(s)
Ad Retargeting
Google & Other Browser Dashboard(s)
Website Analytics Platform(s)
Ecommerce Site(s)
Social Commerce Sites(s)
Campaign Landing Page(s)
Video Platform(s)
Digital Media Platform(s)
Survey Platform(s)
Content Management Platform(s)
Design Platform(s)
Data Platform(s)
Metrics Platform(s)
SEO/SEM Tool(s)
Business Intelligence Reporting Tool(s)
Customer Journey Tracking Tool(s)
Sales Lead Tool(s)
Media List Tool(s)
A/B Testing Tool(s)
Mobile App(s)